Feminism as we know it today has been a trick almost from the beginning. The corporate strategy has been: Make children and families appear to be ‘oppression’ (the home a jail instead of a nest) and keep everyone f–king every which way (even questioning gender!) as long as babies and marriage are viewed with disdain. Then “liberate” women by driving them into the arms of Walmart bosses as low wage worker-slaves in the giant hive, drive down men’s wages, double the workforce numbers and, of course, the taxes.

So —first the New Order “invited” girls and women, ala Betty Friedan & Gloria Steinem, to the avant garde glories of “liberation” from the family. This doubled the work force, doubled the taxes for the voracious Almighty State, and radically drove down men’s wages. Now women are liberated to become front line War Fodder too (combat troops).

Then the bankers increased mortgage rates and rents so that what began as the glorious invitation (to be sold as chattel to marketplace bosses)  became a necessity (not a choice) for most, since most families could not now subsist on one husband’s decent income.

Then health insurance was made to skyrocket to keep up with workplace numbers, so that millions found it difficult to pay health costs.

Family sizes were forced to reduce: Eugenical abortion, especially of Blacks and low income girls and women..

And today, it is the Middle Class itself that is being decimated as more and more jobs are farmed out overseas, reducing wages here even more.

Then immigrants were enticed to come, en masse, so that the goal of creating a vast permanent underclass serving the bankers and bosses would be fully realized. Population Control will take care of the rest.

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