The implicit cynical atheism in this video is what dooms such movements to bitter defeat. Schopenhauer was a tragic figure whose understanding of “greatness” was his hubris which begs the question of being (existence) itself (Exo. 3:14, Jn.8:58). Nietzsche as well. This is sadly only another blind alley, full of sound and fury. Man seeking to usurp the reality and prerogatives of God (Gen.3:5).

All atheist tyrants and neopagan warmakers in history thought they escaped final accountability. (Heb. 9:27). But the universe is effect, not Cause. And the evolutionary myth found here is simply a new and false faith, a “new” religion (actually very old). It is merely another variation on the Leftist pantheistic construct Gaia, futile earth goddess. It shares all the philosophical assumptions of the Left and so is in the final analysis its mirror image. It arrogates to man a vision of the Ubermensch, man evolving into Superman, the conscious manifestation of the “divine” Universe, the only divinity that remains.

But God, our Creator, will never recede from human consciousness. And there’s a Reason for that (Gen.1:1, Jn. 1:14).

See the tragic new teaching sweeping the West: