Obviously there were less violent procedures which usually led to such an infiltrator’s weeding out and swift judgement, but Catholics evidently had other arrows in their quivers if necessary.

“A notoriously unchaste and corrupt prelate [Pasquale Gagliardi (1859–1941), archbishop of Manfredonia on Italy’s south-eastern coast], his chancery office was swamped with complaints from his people: that he showed a preference for homosexual priests, refused to remove from his assignment a priest convicted of sodomy in two courts, and promoted another convicted homosexual priest. A third priest was promoted even though Gagliardi knew that he was guilty of “continual and habitual pederasty”.

Then one day in 1919, enough was enough, and in the town of Vieste where he was celebrating Mass, a riot broke out. An angry mob of some 600 people attacked the church and bashed the sixty-year-old Gagliardi until he was rescued by two priests and the police helped him to escape. The mob then pursued Gagliardi through the streets and recaptured him, and a group of women with knives stripped him and were preparing to castrate him when more police arrived and rescued Gagliardi again. He was bedridden for a month afterwards.” —Quadrant, Dec.6, 2012