Christianity the Mother of Hard Science, Similar to Genuine Art — Alfred North Whitehead, J. Robert Oppenheimer

Though the postmodern era has often morphed ‘Science’ into endless speculative theories, metatheories and worldviews, akin to Modern ‘Art’, “according to Alfred North Whitehead and J. Robert Oppenheimer, both renowned philosophers and scientists of our era (but not Christians themselves), modern science was born out of the Christian world view. Whitehead said that Christianity is the “mother of science” because of the insistence on the rationality of God.”

Hard Science is very much down to earth, even though rooted, Christianity teaches, in divine Causation: engineering, all kinds of practical inventions using applied, incremental, demonstrable and falsifiable facts and physics. Speculative ‘science’ however focuses mostly on unfalsifiable theories and metatheories as a kind of counter-metaphysics about the nature of reality, human origins and destiny, etc., and then seeks a mandate to interpret all data in view of these ideas, forcing virtually every aspect of history and education in the direction of the entirely conjectural.

Entomologist Stanley Beck, though not a Christian himself, acknowledged the corner-stone premises of science which the biblical world view offers:

“The first of the unprovable premises on which science has been based is the belief that the world is real and the human mind is capable of knowing its real nature.

The second and best-known postulate underlying the structure of scientific knowledge is that of cause and effect.

The third basic scientific premise is that nature is unified.”

In other words, the epistemological foundation of technology has been the world view presented in the Bible” — T. V. Varughese, Ph.D

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Updated: July 2017.