…they have no accepted moral past.

Futurists have never been in short supply after two horrific World Wars (and all the other shocking atrocities of that recent century) left over a hundred million dead. The 20th century showed the Enlightenment to be a full blown hallucination, beginning with the 18th century Reign of Terror and leaving us with the apotheosis of its madness, a nuclear Sword of Damocles hanging over the entire world.

This “Enlightenment” usurpation failed so miserably that the last hundred years has been unprecedentedly dismal, unnatural.  So now the hallucination is a projection: Utopia Tomorrow. (But Utopia’s other side is always dystopia, the Antichristic).


Trust any double-speaking man who in his hubris seeks to reconstruct Reality, merging Strange unnatural dreams with creation? This man and those like him are certainly not friends of humanity. And they must be stopped. Listen carefully and critically to what follows, for your children’s and grandchildren’s sake.

They say here it’s only the “tip of the iceberg”.