I must admit that I fear that after my generation of Baby Boomers are gone the West could plunge into bloody Civil Wars in many nations. Decadence (both economic and moral) and Traditional, decent, values in many countries are polarizing at alarming speeds, thanks in no small part to the new incendiary media environment we have been living in at least since the 1980s.

Then there is the matter of social injustice: monopoly, usury—the mother of all economic injustice—the confiscation of the Commons by rich elites…etc.

I do not think such a war scenario is inevitable however. Political solutions, like philosophies, usually are reducible to a relatively few and basically ‘simple’ ideas which sustained peoples in the past. So solutions can still be found, especially the serious re-regulation of borders, the banks, and the restitution of anti-trust (anti-monopoly) laws, tax reforms, and a radical reform of media and schools which prohibit them from continuing as channels of disease-spreading (& thus nation-threatening) indecency and sexual ideologies (in the specious names of ‘art’ or ‘speech,’ etc.) at the expense of traditional families (every society’s most sacred and fundamental unit, necessary for the very continuation of the species).

All of this would make for peace, stimulate a more just economy, and stop the suicidal march away life-preserving, family-sustaining, traditional values.

Both Marxism and Fascism have been tried and found grievously wanting. The future cannot go back there. But it’s never too late to return to sanity.

N.B. It’s time to end our messianic, immoral military foreign interventions for economic “interests” (killing more human beings than we can bear to contemplate) and return “home” to tend our own gardens. Be prepared to militarily defend it, yes, of course, but that’s a far cry from our current imperialistic policies which only destabilize all peoples and stupidly fuels the Leftist dialectic.