The End of Science? Multiverse Theorists Want to Change The Falsifiability Test and Maintain the Theory At All Costs.

“Remember our science teachers lecturing us about falsifiability? That science is better than other methods of knowledge because, in science, it is possible to prove that some beliefs are false?

Yes! As Neuroskeptic points out at Discover, philosopher of science Karl Popper argued that “a theory should make predictions that could be tested and, potentially, proven wrong. An unfalsifiable theory is just not science.”

It’s not clear, however, that science is the only source of knowledge capable of that feat. Mary Slessor (1845–1915), a Scottish-born missionary to Nigeria, ended the practice of murdering twins (which were believed to bring bad luck) simply by demonstrating that nothing bad happened to her on account of her living with twins. Common sense is sometimes all that is needed.

But today, some scientists want to throw falsifiability overboard. They hope by doing this to protect the concept of the multiverse. Put simply, there is currently no evidence for the existence of any universes other than our own, making the theory of the multiverse unfalsifiable. But if the proposal to dispense with falsifiability were accepted, that would be very convenient for naturalist atheists. They could then argue that any stream of events that occurs in our universe may well have occurred differently in any one of an infinite number of other universes. So no inferences (other than their own) could be drawn from a given state of affairs here in the only world for which we have information…

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