JFK began as a hawk. But the Cuban Missle crisis in 1962 brought the world a trigger-hair away from the end of civilization as we know it. According to James Douglass and many other scholars, this made both JFK and Khrushchev tremble for what had very nearly happened. And it was the generals both here and in the Soviet Union who thought a First Nuclear Strike just might give their side the slight edge. General Curtis Lemay even argued that we should accept very high casualties in this risk. Kennedy thought he was mad and, with Khrushchev, sought through hair-raising negotiations to avert the ultimate disaster.

When it was over all the protagonists knew this must never be allowed to happen again. JFK delivered his American University Peace speech just months before he was cut down (1st video below). And he sought a peace with mutual nuclear disarmament as a goal which could stand if the others would help it to stand without expansionist aims.

He was anti-Communist to the end, but not anti-human race. And he knew that in order to thwart nations from the Marxist temptation the US would have to change it’s policies and cease exploiting poorer nations as Batista had done in Cuba, just 90 miles off American shores.

The Intelligence agencies however, which served only business and military budgets, opposed him tooth and nail to the bitter end. Khrushchev too was subsequently deposed.


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