Can we agree our time is unnatural with its hyperreal visual media? We have wall-to-wall sensory images in living pixel color (even teatsy young women holding guns in hot pants and tee-shirts on Conservative sites and other media).

Fox news, for instance, is chalk full of blonde ‘babes’ in red dresses up close and personal. Everyone, young and old, is invited to look, be seduced, inch by inch, like never before into this hyperreal wide-screened carnival of gawking.

Once upon a time wives were not supposed to be amused by husbands peering at beautiful eyes, sensuous necks and revealing red dresses. Imagine if it was a dolled-up neighbor who liked to stop by looking like some of the Fox ladies. Ahem. Would the wife…

But today? It’s Living Room “normal”.

Pornography is logical in such a culture. Protected free “speech?” What a novel and specious lechery that rationalization is. What is permitted and justified is actually decreed.

Isnt pornography just a slight ratcheting up after years of unnaturally seeing luring images, to the point we no longer recognize the incongruity of a blonde babe in seductive close-ups telling us about ISIS and another beheading? Incremental desensitization works effectively.

Fox News has a formula like all the rest: Must compete. Money is God. Every frame of streaming or live images therefore contains a double message. Sex is dished to children even before puberty, so they get the message young: Sex is no longer an I-You commitment but an I-It recreation. A dangerous one.