If President Trump Only Builds Walls or Fences

…he will have failed. Certainly every nation needs secure borders. That is common sense. But real success will mean changing from a War State to a Peace Economy wherein we share our bounty and know-how with the world. Especially with the poor.

It means far less stick and far more carrot; exchanging every kind of goods and services at non-exploitative, non-usurious rates.

In so doing we will create friends not enemies. Trading partners and not shooting partners.

We can convert swords into plowshares as Scripture says and as the human heart so longs to do.

And then our leaders, and we ourselves, can sleep better, more soundly in our own beds at night. The world is longing for this so much.

Not to control others, not Utopian fantasies, or a Pax Americana, but to help other sovereign peoples to divert the world from the ultimate nightmare which is the insane logic of a War State.

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