There is I’m afraid what William Blake called a ‘fearful symmetry’ between what many consider disparate realities in our time. I’m thinking especially of the precipitous radical slide into abject decadence which has been going on for the last sixty or so years in this country, and our equally precipitous slide into a War State. It seems that in many late-phase declining cultures throughout history lust and blood-lust are inextricably bound.

One could also add to this a third prong: our radical transformation into a total Surveillance State, unthinkable and understood to be blatantly unconstitutional until very recently.

Something has happened.

All of these developments appear to me to be three sides of one overarching dark reality which many of us are doing our best to protest to the extent that we can, by means of non-violent persuasion, lest our society and its dangerous internal errors collapse of their own weight.

If we might trace all of this remotely to the overthrow of Christendom at the time of the (especially Tudor) “Reformation” and the French Revolution, it seems to me its most modern phase began with the Kennedy assassination in November of 1963. But people will view that as they will.

Perpetual War

Nevertheless the fact that Christians today are grappling with the realities of ubiquitous decadence, seemingly perpetual wars and our Panopticon state cannot be seriously disputed, and it shows the times.

After the end of the Cold War exactly 200 years after the French Revolution, mankind finally breathed a deep sigh of relief and reasonably looked forward to a possible new era of peace. But it was not to be. In the late 1970’s the United States armed Islamic resisters to the Soviet incursion in Afghanistan, and in so doing created the seeds of a Jihadist Al Qaeda which had—even with those weapons—learned how to fight modern superpowers.

Emboldened by the Soviet withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the Jihadists revived themselves to militarily address other long-standing grievances, specifically the Israeli occupation of Palestine, especially after the defeat of Islamic forces in the Six Day conflict in 1967, and U.S troops stationed in the region.

Al Qaeda viewed the grievances against Israel and the supportive U.S. military presence in the region as essentially one reality. And however much we may find it repugnant, the awful 9-11 events(1) at the World Trade Centers were viewed by them not as aggression but as Blowback to a provocative foreign policy. Our aggression on Iraq—which the Church openly called unjust—did nothing to dissuade them that the West and Israel were bent on what Samuel Huntington called a clash of civilizations wherein future conflicts would amount to a quest for world domination.

Finally, after 9-11, the U.S. military-industrial complex had found a new reason to carry on with the shedding of blood globally. A new enemy, which we helped to militarize, was to replace Communism as the basis for perpetual war.


But a clash of civilizations necessarily involves a clash of values too. The West today is not as it once was. The moral consensus which existed in Christendom for nearly two millennia has by 2016 – 2017 completely broken down. It has been replaced by the most radical transvaluation of all values. Today it is officially agnostic or atheistic, and it’s Enlightenment view of “Liberty” has under pretext of “human rights” and law forced what Christians always considered to be evil to an “equal” place at the table — and in our schools and homes via its (often engineered) media. This meant a wholesale redefinition of what ‘family’ and even gender (the sexes) mean; it also means the official legal sanction of killing children in the womb, ubiquitous free pornography, and other trajectories which many fear will end with the legal sexual “liberation” of children, euthanasia, and sundry other dark revolutions. Which of course all adds fuel to the guarantee of never-ending wars with nations which reject such “values”.

And since the State understands that this revolution in values provokes even grave domestic tensions, it prepares for domestic strife with more and more Surveillance. None can seriously believe that finding the odd domestic terrorist (or even feeling the impact of irregular awful terrorist events) could justify what local police could handle better without such unconstitutional measures. If that were the case illegal narcotics (which electronic surveillance hasn’t put a dent in) —which kills tens of thousands every year!—would be indexed as THE REAL terrorism in the West—-which it is curiously not.

Many think this is the real reason the State seems determined to create and indoctrinate populations with artificial conflicts to keep the people distracted with constructed disturbances like political correctness, “misogyny,” racial strife, radical Feminism, homophobia, and mindless, often vicious “entertainment”.

And if a conflict of civilizations and world domination is the new strategic goal—a goal which the West with its technological superiority can hardly lose— it should not be surprising if the military today has little to do with genuine “defense” and appears more concerned with creating more and more conflicts around the world with a view to increasing the lucrative sale of arms. If that only assists in perpetuating the global flow of blood in a vicious cycle, it also gives the United States reasons not to develop a Peace Economy which in the end would pay better and richer dividends while allowing the sovereignties and values of other nations to stand.

(1) Assuming the official 9-11 Report about these events are true. I understand the objections to the report based on the curious anomalies, but I simply do not have the requisite knowledge to assess them. Blowblack, it seems to me, explains the basic outlines of the events (if not the anomalies) coherently, per Occam’s razor.