She clearly knew something was seriously wrong.

“In (Anne Muggeridge’s) The Desolate City, John Cardinal Heenan of Westminster reported that when, during the rebellious first session of the Council, the pope realized that the papacy had lost control of the process, he attempted to organize a group of bishops to try to force it to an end.

Malcolm Muggeridge, who reported from Rome on the Second Vatican Council for the British Broadcasting Corporation, considered Pope John “politically naive and unduly influenced by the handful of ‘liberal’ clerics with whom he is in close contact.” In a 1985 interview, he gave his assessment of the pope thus:

“Really Pope John — who was built up as a saintly and perfect pope, the good man of our time — whether consciously or unconsciously, did more damage to the Church than possibly any other individual man had ever done in the whole of its history…. It seemed almost as though Pope John was operating on behalf of the devil without being in any way conscious of it.” —Traditio