wp-1480329551176.jpegNow that he’s been elected,  it’s time to pressingly urge President-elect Trump to keep his promises for the unborn: To appoint truly pro-life men or women to the U.S. Supreme Court who will seek to overturn Roe v. Wade and send that awful SCOTUS decision back to the states where it belongs, and where people have at least a chance to overthrow it altogether.

It is heartening to see the President-elect tell world leaders that he wants to shift U.S. foreign policy with a view to getting along with all nations who wish to get along with the American people. But can Mr. Trump take on the embedded War State and war profiteers?  It will be no easy task, to say the very least. The pressures will blow torrentially from every direction against him. Nor is the War Establishment, the Military Industrial Complex, unfamiliar with tricks and traps and lies to get its way. Already his expressed “admiration” for war criminal Henry Kissinger is disturbing.

As for immigration policy, people like myself only ask that, together with Europe, it will become more responsible, more reasonable, less dangerous and more principled. As it was not very long ago. We are all children of immigrants here. But reason must be restored.

I pray he will keep his promises and kill—or at least radically renegotiate—Bill Clinton’s NAFTA with a view to punishing corporations who export American jobs in search of low-wage workers and tax breaks. Our Middle Class sorely needs rebuilding. And we need  good jobs and opportunities for the poor, the homeless, the weak, sick, and disabled. We always had trillions of dollars to spend for war. It’s time to shift serious money to rebuilding hope and everyone’s potential, a culture of Life, as John Paul II constantly referred to it. From conception to natural death.

And finally, I pray he will build a peace economy that will help us to truly help the poor and needy peoples of the world, people who need hope—financial and otherwise—not war and financial exploitation. A peace economy will pay rich dividends, if we will only build it and share it’s fruits.

It’s up to President-elect Trump now to make these momentous shifts. And people like myself everywhere support him. Conditionally. Always conditionally. And we will vigorously oppose anything that betrays the principles that gave rise to our hopes.

11/9/16, fb, Stephen Hand